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The Social Experiment


The Toyota Prius is the most economical vehicle in the US. They are quiet, get 48.5 mpg and have comfortable back seats. Despite some conservative tabloid misinformation campaigns* there are no manufacturing or emissions drawbacks created by the Prius. They don’t require higher maintenance. They don’t consume a higher rate of any raw materials. Even the former director of the CIA drives one and has been quoted saying there is a “patriotic obligation to drive more efficient vehicles”.

The proposed experiment goes like this. Find any flag waving, armchair facebook patriot blog or forum that allows 3rd party contributions and post a picture of a Toyota Prius with an open invite to caption the image. The result is like throwing red meat to a pack of starving dumb animals. A frenzy of hate that will have nothing to do with preference or styling … but political stereotypes involving queers, hippies and diesel trucks memes.


(actual Prius memes)

(actual Prius memes)


When did it get this stupid? Its no secret that the oil companies funnel billions in lobbyist funding to republicans who often pander to the knuckle dragging Ted Nugents of the world. Consequently their propaganda machines perpetuate a negative image of anything that threatens oil consumption. But the mystery is how far past common sense this goes. This isn’t division over social issues like abortion or gay marriage … predicated on junk science or mythology that some are just too stupid to look past. This is staring at a technological advancement that mutually benefits everyone … and then saying  fuck it because it opposes the motives of those they unconditionally (and non-reciprocally) support.

Political division has literally escalated to a point where its unfashionable to even respect cars that are economical … because they get good gas mileage and good gas mileage is faggot shit.


If the day ever came where I woke up hating ‘clean water’ because Rush Limbaugh used it to brush his teeth or swallow his Oxycontin it will also be the day I started questioning my convictions. But hating a car because it gets ‘good gas mileage’ is literally now a fashion accessory for meat-heads. And when in like company none see the problem.



*A report by CNW marketing research suggests that mfg costs of Prius make it environmentally less sound than Hummers. Rebuttle here:

Closer inspection suggests that the report’s conclusions rely on faulty methods of analysis, untenable assumptions, selective use and presentation of data, and a complete lack of peer review. Even the most cursory look reveals serious biases and flaws: the average Hummer H1 is assumed to travel 379,000 miles and last for 35 years, while the average Prius is assumed to last only 109,000 miles over less than 12 years. These selective and unsupported assumptions distort the final results. A quick re-analysis with peer-reviewed data leads to completely opposite conclusions.