The Great Pac Sun Controversy May26


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The Great Pac Sun Controversy

Pac Sun Shirt


Pacific Sunwear, Inc. sold a shirt with an Anarchy sign and an upside down flag … a universally and formally acknowledged symbol of distress. Clothing designer, A$AP Rocky explained his design with the following statement … ‘The reason that those flags are upside down are because our world is upside down. We’re just trying to be understood’. So basically its a just t-shirt that like most t-shirts with anarchy signs portrays a confusing and inconclusive social message of ‘rebellion’, likely to be bought and worn by people who will put little to no thought into any part of it. Who cares.

But this Memorial Day 2015 the facebook patriots have decided that they are not going to take it. And as yet another testimony that most have never had a real problem in life … they have launched a massive social media campaign threatening to boycott Pac Sun, a retailer that most of them never even heard of prior to their conservative social media feeds alerting them to this ‘problem’.

While I normally would not give a F and just ad this to the long list of meaningless bullshit modern conservatives complain about, there are 3 glaring ironies to the great Pac Sun controversy that I just cant get over …

1. Those taking issue with the ‘horribly offensive t-shirt’ that has no baring on their life whatsoever are ironically almost always the same people conveying the very messages on this t-shirt. If your social media feed is full of rants about the president being a Kenyan Antichrist, how American policy is precursor to the apocalypse and how Rand Paul’s political ideals make sense … you probably should be wearing anarchy symbols and upside down flags.

2. Rabid conservatives have been using this imagery to convey their disdain for modern american policy since the evil black Kenyan was elected president. Even soldiers who actually understand what an upside down flag means have used it to symbolize their opposition to various government policy. No protests against the soldiers or other conservatives have been staged.


3. The people complaining are the same group that routinely denounces political correctness or as they put it … the ‘pussification’ of America … but in this case they cant even tolerate the existence of a t-shirt at a trendy youth fashion store worn by people they will probably never even been in the same room with.

4. Every time some asshole puts his religious bullshit in a public school, courthouse or other public grounds, conservative political leaders defend their position on the basis of free speech, accuse the opposition of intolerance and counter those protesting by telling them “not look at it”. The american taliban has even staged counter protests against the Muslim community for contesting offensive depictions of their profit Muhammad. While conservatives always have a million and one reasons to rationalize their position in these situations … their arguments never apply to their own convictions.



By all means don’t like the t-shirt. Be offended. Don’t shop at Pac Sun. But dont hold two conflicting points of view then expect others to live by your confused standards while considering yourself to be sophisticated if all it takes to set you off is a picture that exists completely outside of your rhelm of daily life.

But all hypocrisy aside … the Florida woman who apparently latched on to this issue after equating the meaning of the shirt to hating soldiers wrote “The American Flag is a symbol of freedom that they fought and died for”. What she and those like her apparently dont get is that this ‘freedom’ per the actual military oath includes the freedom of expression. And a lot of people, military personnel included, logically argue that prohibiting someone else from buying or selling something just because someone else construes it to be ‘offending’ does more to undermine that sentiment than the existence of the symbol itself.


As of 5/26/15 PacSun has removed the shirt from their product line issuing the following statement … “As a retailer grounded in youth culture, PacSun values artistic and creative expression though the brands that we sell in our stores. Out of respect for those who have put their lives on the line for our country, we have decided to stop selling the licensed flag T-shirt and are removing it from our stores and website immediately. We thank the men and women in uniform for their extraordinary service.”

Apparently artistic and creative expression aren’t as important as money but understandable as a business decision … because even Pac Sun realizes its just a fucking t-shirt and not worth the hassle.