Still Bitching that Obama Won ..?


5 reasons your dumb fucking bumper sticker asking me if I am sorry for voting for Barak Obama makes me think you’re a stupid asshole …

1. I dont regret not wanting to give the keys to the worlds largest nuclear arsenal to someone who believes in ‘creationism’. And its not the fairy tale that offends me … its the lack of rational thought in decision making (or the willingness to lie about it for personal gain). Choosing to believe in something that isn’t true because a person wants to or because it fits a social narrative is dangerous and endorsing that behavior is against my natural instinct to stay alive.

2. Because agree with everything Obama does or not, it requires a kooky conspiracy theory to take the position that his intentions are insincere. Birthers, Death Panels, Gun-Bans, Bengazi, Obama-phonesSolyndra.

3. Because I believe the first amendment is first by design and its Republicans who by vast majority are historically responsible for working to revoke what is unarguably our most important right. More disturbing is motive, which unlike reducing homicides or giving poor kids medicine, almost always revolves around personal gain and corporate interests.

4. Because basic math says it is not in the lower, middle or even middle-upper classes best economic interest to vote republican. Common sense aside, history has proven trickle economic theory is a scam. And I dont have my head in my ass while pretending that the current system isn’t rigged to give the wealthy an economic advantages.

5. Because political orientation shouldn’t be dictated by someones ego.  Elections are not sporting events and loyalty to a home team should have nothing to do with how someone vote.

*Bonus Reason: The narcissistic, self-righteous, desperate to tell everyone you’re right and they are wrong presumption that you know whats best for me. Generation X is dogshit.