Sheriff Mueller’s resignation letter

Sheriff Muellers Resignation Letter

Sheriff Tim Muller of Lynn County Oregon publishes an open letter to Joe Biden informing him of his intention to not comply with proposed laws placing restrictions on assault rifle ownership because he personally interprets them as unconstitutional.

I wonder how many Lives Tim has ruined because they felt the same way. I wonder how many people Tim has put in jail for stupid shit like ‘smoking plants’ and how many times his response to those who have tried to appeal to his common sense has been ‘its the law’.

Tim, in case during your job as a law enforcement officer you had not yet noticed … we have a lot of laws that a lot of people think are unfair. But we also have a process in place to deal with these situations Tim, and its not the Lynn county sheriff department. A sheriffs job (you) is to enforce the laws these processes create … your job is not to override the judicial system, the vice president of the United States and democracy because you think you know better.

Tim pls leave your badge at the door. Your not a hero you’re a hypocrite and an asshole for being too stupid to know it.