Republicans Hit a New Low Mar10


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Republicans Hit a New Low


While Obama is pursuing diplomacy to keep the US from going to war with nuclear capable Iran, 47 Republican senators, in an unprecedented low sent a letter out the back door of Washington informing Iran’s leaders (the same ones Obama is negotiating non-military intervention with) that the president doesn’t speak for them with a reminder that he will only be in power until 2017.

Never before in US history has this level of undermining a political authority taken place.

Like everything Republicans do, their actions in no way represent the best interests of any part of the American public. This letter is a political stunt … aka Joe Wilson style political posturing where ‘defiance’ is embraced by the radical right as an act of patriotism. It is a means of advancing a political career, so the people who pay them money to make sure they stay rich will continue to do so … even at the expense of leading the country into another war that we cant afford, for no good reason with a place that has the potential of killing hundreds of millions of Americans.

Despite radical disagreement between past political parties … partisanship always stopped at the boarder. Even when Bush (Rove) invaded Iraq on false pretenses to make his campaign contributors rich and secure the boarders of the oil pipelines into the gulf … the in-fighting stayed in the US. As the military fought their best fight, the disagreements revolved around exit strategy and cleaning up the mess to maintain a positive global perception. Had democrats penned letters to foreign leaders saying the presidents actions didn’t represent their own with the implication that as soon as Bush was out of office they were going to rescind all support … it would have been a global embarrassment and completely undermined the integrity of the United States.

But with republicans and their seemingly relentless pursuit for political advancement at the expense of all else … this is now common practice. Its so common that when it happened this week nobody bat an eye.

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