Religious ‘unaffiliation’ tops 19% Nov21


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Religious ‘unaffiliation’ tops 19%




Per surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center 1 in 5 americans (19.6%) no longer have any religious affiliation. By historical comparison this percentage was 6% in 1990 and 15% in 2008. Survey involved 19,377 people and was taken over 2011.






Based on parallel studies by the Gallup Organization supporting a projected 1% annual (de)conversion rate as well as historical data from other non-secular societies, 50% of the global population will be Atheist by 2038.



Critics of the survey question its accuracy on the basis of age and educational demographics, citing that it disproportionately reflected the views of younger age and higher education (lol). Religious activists also argue fundamentalists will successfully ‘out-breed’ the non-religious, despite 10% (and rising) abandonment rates.