Piers Morgan bitch slaps Carol Roth

So every ‘patriot’ on FB seems to be infatuated with the following screenshot of a twitter exchange involving Piers Morgan and Carol Roth on the 2nd amendment.

While I am all for gun ownership … Roth, like anyone who tries to make the case that the second amendment should grant citizens unrestricted access to weapons subsequently got it broke off in her ass. Conservatives however, who dont want to see it that way and who seemingly have a problem with fair and balanced reporting have selectively edited the exchange omitting Morgans response  So for those posting only the above with a Roth > Morgan narrative … here is the rest with personal commentary:

And … Checkmate Ms Roth. The 2nd amendment does not guarantee unrestricted access to weaponry. This is the common flaw in 2nd amendment argument that has been challenged unsuccessfully in the US Supreme Court as well as the Third, Sixth, Eighth and Ninth Court of Appeals.


Carol Roth responds criticizing Morgan for taking too long to reply? Wtf? Maybe Piers Morgan has better things to do like sleep? Regardless this answer was a cop-out. Morgan solidifies his point asking Roth to explain her own …

And for those accusing Morgan of arrogance … see above. Roth skirts the question, pounds her chest for being smart about a subject she was wrong about and changes the subject all in < 140 characters.

Commendable response. Accepts criticism of his opinion. And most notably Morgan refers to the discussion as a debate vs taking Roth’s arrogant, unyielding position.

Cheers to Morgan for having class and the courage to speak out against the neanderthals that subscribe to flawed logic of Carol Roth, the NRA and the rest who will literally argue that a prison yard would be safer if everyone in it were strapped. The reality is Well Regulated Militia’s do not apply to every idiot on the street and for every 1x case where a gun has saved a life there are 100x where it has ended one. Lots of good reasons gun ownership should be legal (like drugs) but too many like Carol Roth need to know when its time to stop talking.


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