GOP moves to eradicate 1st Amendment – nobody gets mad?

Christian Nation

Republican politicians who fight proposals that would require the registration of lethal weapons, prohibit firearms at public schools and restrict public access to ‘military grade weaponry’ (as defined by Stanley McChrystal, leader of the US Military) on the basis of constitutionality and protection against tyrannical government … propose legislation to make N Carolina a Christian state (aka Theocracy).

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” – Amendment 1

Looking fwd to seeing the constitutionalists at Fox News, the NRA, and all the other fringe groups like the Oathkeepers who have feverishly rallied against the proponents of gun legislation (at least the ones with ‘D’ in front of their title) demonstrate their integrity by exerting the equal amount of effort in protesting the NC GOP for the preservation of the 1st amendment.

Because it has nothing to do selling more guns or a black man being president.


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