George Zimmerman is a Terrorist



Q: Why is it that the NRA and proponents of the second amendment took George Zimmermans side in the case of the Treyvon Martin shooting when all prior arguments for the right to bear arms more accurately fit the narrative of Trevon Martin’s role in the incident? Why doesn’t the NRA, Fox News, or the fat ass armchair facebook patriots argue that had Martin had a gun, that he could have defended himself against the armed perpetrator acting in defiance of the law … ?

A: Because Martin was black and fat ass armchair facebook patriots are scared of black people.

But if you’re one of the many still obsessively aligning with Fox News or reposting those stupid articles about how Martin ‘deserved’ to be executed because he was making mind-altering drugs out of snack food bought at 7-11 … here is a recap of the situation followed by a mental experiment:

A scary black man was minding his own business. Some guy named George Zimmerman started stalking a scary black man despite having been told by law enforcement to leave the scary black man alone. The scary black man calls his girlfriend and tells her he is being followed by a stranger. An altercation ensues resulting in Zimmerman shooting and killing the scary black man.

Now re-read & replace  ‘scary black man‘ with  ‘your 17 year old daughter‘ and ask yourself again who the victim was.