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Fuck Phil Robertson

In the Latest installment of conservatives blaming liberals for that which their own party has been most guilty of, junk television star Phil Robertson has been crowned the new poster child of religious oppression. Despite conservatives long standing history of stuffing the first amendment every time it hasn’t fit their own personal narrative by way of book bans, censorship, and dictating what grown adults do and see in the privacy of their own home … they claim the A&E television network (which many apparently have confused with being a government) has oppressed Phils right to free speech by suspending business relations due to remarks made during an interview with GQ magazine. While my personal knowledge of Phil, who the F he is, and what he is even famous for is fuzzy due to my lack of reality television knowledge … apparently his statements compared gays to drunkards and prostitutes with all the normal conservative biblical rhetoric about going to hell, bestiality and how those who are not like them are responsible for the downfall of society (including a little something about African Americans being better off without civil rights).


Whatever, Phil has the right to say whatever the F he wants and if someone were stopping him from doing that this post would be about them. And while I applaud Phil for at least being honest (vs. pretending personal bias and intolerance have nothing to do with it like most who support him) … be it genuine ignorance or business savvy Phil is a racist, homophobic douche-bag.

But there is a big difference between A&E not wanting to keep a person like Phil on payroll as a representative of their network … and stripping Phils right to say and believe what he wants. And while A&E may have made a decision to not associate with Phil … Phil is still a free man capable of living out the rest of his life as a gay-bashing, hateful, religious asshole who judges others on the pretense of fairy tales and takes advice from imaginary friends. Phil is still free to do that.

Liberals seem to not really give a fuck about this one, probably because it is genuinely so insignificant. Or maybe because they know its likely just a PR stunt to boost ratings. Or because they spent 5 minutes researching their opinion and learned that none of these kooks on Duck Dynasty are anything that they claim to be. The tragedy however being the lack of internet memes for me to respond with under facebook posts by those who seem to think A&Es business decision is a testimonial of religious oppression, but oh well. There is a Fuck Phil Robertson Facebook page … the utility of that gem being the opportunity to publicly ‘like’ and ‘re-like’ it which when timed right is a passive aggressive way of saying stick it up your ass. But thats about it.

On the other hand its almost as if conservatives don’t seem to have any idea as to what it is genuinely like to be ‘oppressed’. And most wouldn’t. So out of personal ignorance and as a convenient solution to diminish the legitimate complaints of other who are usually a victim of their own actions, they just make shit like this up. And born is the logic that states one is being oppressed when others don’t embrace their belief system.

Nothing else to write about this so rant off. Fuck Phil Robertson.

Phil’s crazy homophobic rant …


‘Employers cant fire people for religious views’ – great argument if it had anything to do with the situation, but an employer didn’t fire an employee. A television station that like other corporations exists to make money, made a decision not to associate with someone who has publicly stated views that the majority of the society find offending. Same reason sponsors dropped Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods when they did stupid shit.

‘Conservatives aren’t guilty of the same heightened level of sensitivity over PC related issues’ – while the current complaining is a blatant testimony of the opposite, see conservative boycotts of Starbucks Coffee on the basis of just supporting the LBGT community. Meanwhile major conservative networks like the AFA exist and thrive for no other reason than their success in organizing boycotts and other draconian measures to censor and impose conservatives views on others.