Freedom Patriots vs Evildoers

The photo speaks for itself and there is no point in disecting it any further than the internet has alrady done …

What is bizarre is the right calling everyones reaction “intolerance” … ?

in·tol·er·ant  adjective \-rənt\ :
1. unable or unwilling to endure
2. unwilling to grant equal freedom of expression especially in religious matters

And while Holly is exploiting every opportunity to cash in touting her bizarre taliban-like photo as a testimonial of traditional american values …

  • she has been in no danger of losing her life (like abortion doctors)
  • nobody has taken her voodoo temple (like mosques)
  • nobody has legally designated her as a terrorist to circumnavigate her legal rights (like muslims)
  • nobody has told her that her views disqualify her as an american (like atheists).

All that did happen is the internet made an association … because Holly Fishers photo of her holding her bible and a machine gun in front of her American flag is very much like the photos militant extremists from other religions take with theirs. The punchline … many agree that the modern extreme right bare a striking resemblance to the jihadists they so openly openly claim to hate (fear).

Consequently … Holly solidified a talking point and people laughed. HaHa. Heads aren’t exploding. Holly didn’t make the left ‘sad’. Nobody is treating her unfairly in life because of this. And the inability to rationalize hypocrisy doesn’t make her a victim.

For once … just once, the right just needs to own it.