Fox News: The More You Watch the Less You Know

Fox News

Per PIPA / Knowledge Networks surveys, Fox News viewers test less capable of making correct assumptions about issues pertaining to politics, foreign policy and current events. Conclusively Fox News is a media operation whose viewers statistically know less than those who don’t watch news at all. While proponents of Fox News argue that ‘all other media outlets are bias’ … there has no evidence presented that is to the contrary of the above nor does logic, facts, history or common sense support notion that as implied, ‘everyone else is wrong’ or ‘in on it’.



… “the more likly were you to watch the fix news channel the more likly you were to have completly incorrect assumption about these things”… “Percentage of respondents getting their news who had 1 or more misconceptions of current events in PIPA polls NPR: 23% Fox: 80%”



Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism: