FoodBabe – Information Prostitute & Conservative Shill

Among one of the latest to join the ranks of the Fox News sleeveless bimbo army is the jenny mccarthy of Food (and fellow anti-vax pos) Vani Hari aka ‘Food Babe’. And what this whore specializes in (and I am calling her that by definition not spite) is reporting on the hazards of non-hazerdous things to scare her constituency, known as the #foodbabearmy into continuing to listen to her bullshit.

Of coarse Fox News, seeing the obvious similarity in marketing strategy has picked this trick up faster than a sailor in Thailand with a fist full of $100 bills. And like the asshole from Duck Dynasty they have her on every virtual street corner they own peddling her (and now their) bullshit.

Because what I noticed …

Starbucks coffee has recently made headlines for standing their ground against a few core conservative issues (not hating gays, not wanting people to bring guns in their stores, etc). Are we really supposed to believe that out of all the shitty places that sell shitty food that its just a coincidence that ‘food babe’ has recently chosen to put Starbucks in the cross hairs ..?

As with ‘food babe’s recent Subway rant accusing them of adding scary sounding chemicals to their sandwiches which turned out to lack any evidence that it was actually harmful … food babe’s recent stand against Starbucks’s pumpkin whatever is equally baseless. A dissection of the bullshit can be found on snopes here or if you want to get scientific on the FDA’s website here. And while the #foodbabearmy has jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon alleging that snopes is ‘in on it’ and that the opinion of rogue bloggers should be respected more than that of  the professionals … those of us not wearing foil hats know there is really no argument.

But aside from the coincidence of who, the bigger annoyance is that this is all coming from the network that accuses all other networks of manipulating information to coerce viewers. And its the same people who lecture everyone on social media about the evils of mainstream media who are currently syndicating this bullshit.

So to the #foodbabearmy and other super genius assholes willing to parrot seemingly anything that their ‘preferred’ source of information tells them …


  • Its time to apply the same level of scrutiny to your own arguments that you apply to everything else you dont want to agree with …
  • Its time to look at the common denominators and realize that ‘everyone else’ may not be the problem.
  • And its time to put the opinion of science ahead of shitty internet bloggers who make money lying to you.

Food babe go F yourself with a loaf of azodicarbonamide. 


Petition for Starbucks Coffee to tell foodbabe to go fuck herself …