EMTs vs the Poor Sep05


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EMTs vs the Poor

More stupid bullshit from the ‘temporarily embarrassed millionaire generation’ currently circulating on Facebook:




Good. Fucking quit. But maybe instead of doing it to begrudge the poor, grow a spine and do it to force the ambulance companies who currently charge as much as $2206.00 to give a people a ride to the hospital to pay you a fair wage for doing the majority of the work.

Whoever publishes this bullshit has definitely found their nitch. What better occupation to pull peoples heart-strings than ’emergency medical technicians’ who ride around saving peoples lives. Surprisingly enough, the average wage of EMTs really is only about $15-20 / hr.  EMT Training however is also only about 6 months (120-150 hours), so despite loose association they are not exactly doctors or as much a commodity as highly trained medical personnel.

Regardless, underpaid EMTs have become the poster children for the war against poor people fighting for livable wages. But its a tragedy that so many look at the wage disparity and conclude that the solution is to keep paying entry level positions so little that there is no incentive to even get one … while simultaneously complaining about the number of people who decide to abuse the welfare system instead.

But then again, when you have a generation of people who think being a hustler is a virtue its no surprise that so few want to shatter a system that might some day give them the chance to get rich on the back of everyone else.


Information regarding case study and effects of minimum wage increases: