Blame the Poor

Voting Republican

So my inbox is full of activist alerts that Republicans are in the process of ‘gutting’ welfare. From what I understand that cuts are only going to apply to able-bodied recipients with no kids. A few thoughts on this …

First, anyone capable of using a calculator should be able to figure out this isn’t the ‘problem’ with our budget. Welfare constitutes a small fraction of government spending and the effort being expended cutting a small portion of this program will fix nothing. If anything the expected results would be A. more unwanted kids for qualification and B. higher incarceration rates. Regardless … saving money was never the point.

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To qualify my position … I dont care about the well-being of people. Contrary to pro-welfare stereotypes, I just dont sympathize with the poor not eating nor do I make political decisions based on it. We are over-populated and until people are willing to embrace Eugenic policies the problem needs to fix itself somehow. My position is admitted callous but honest. For this reason I am not opposed to cutting welfare under the above circumstances. There is truth to the fact that its ease of availability does discourage many from becoming self-sufficient. The system itself provides little incentive to not use it when considering benefits vs minimum wage.

Republicans however seem to be campaigning on the myth that its the poor people, and poor people alone who are draining the middle class. Not the billions in corporate welfare, the predatory nature of american business, the unnecessary wars the american public was lied into, excessive military spending, mis-allocated government contracts, or Wall Street Bank bailouts …  but the poor people who buy candy bars with foodstamps. Its a brilliant plan because poor people are easy targets. They are easy to hate, look down upon, an unlike Exxon and other multi-billion dollar corporations with highly trained PR machines who create phrases like ‘job creators’ … they dont fight back. Its also a great distraction from the real problems who modern republicans seemingly exist to protect.

But mathmatically its bullshit. And if your one of those conservative parrots on facebook who obsessively complains about how poor people are the ones ruining your life (usually found before and after the pictures of your new RVs and home renovations) with no mention or consideration of the above, than you’re part of the problem. Pull your head out of your ass.



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