+1 For Natural Selection

Bitter irony as a measles epidemic breaks out at the anti-vaccine texas megachurch of Kenneth Copeland. Church officials are desperately back-peddling while putting down their bibles and turning to modern medical science to save them by offering free vaccinations to their constituency. Official statements involve placing blame on an unclean outsider and reinterpretations of ancient cultist manuals  to justify reversing their stance on medicine while carefully ensuring that all credit for it be given to witch doctors and not the science that created it.

Its unfortunate that there isn’t a way to hold people to their convictions so when socially incompatible assholes like the folks at the Kenneth Copeland mega-church make the conscious decision to opt out of things like vaccine programs and herd immunity because of cultist beliefs and the rejection of truth, that we cant just let nature fix the problem. Perhaps in this case by handing them a bible instead of a needle and recommending that when it starts to hurt that they just pray harder.